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Why do I write and publish developmental activity books?

Throughout my years as an Occupational Therapist, I have worked with many children, both individually and in groups, but I felt that it was not enough – I wanted to help even more children. I asked myself, "How can I treat and help as many children as possible in a practical way, even if I am not physically present with them?”

The answer made me very happy, because it included my full self-realization - developmental activity books. The creativity that I have been blessed with is now being integrated with my work as an occupational therapist for children. From the treatments themselves, and from the children’s difficulties that I encountered, the ideas for stories aimed at developing various skills in children were born. The stories have captured children’s hearts and led them to participate in activities that they had had trouble with and develop, succeed, and have fun!

You are invited to join me in this world of experiential learning.

Now on sale: “Lenny the Line King” and “Let’s Draw Clouds” activity books.


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