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Let’s Draw Clouds

After working 14 years with thousands of children as a Pediatric Occupational therapist, I can assure you that if your children participate in drawing and coloring  (Grapho-motor skills) their writing learning process will be easy and fun. How do you encourage your young children to participate in these important activities? My activity book does just that!

Drawing development is an amazing and complex process that begins when crayon first meets paper and ultimately leads to proper writing. This innovative and unique book opens the door for your child to the world of grapho-motor development in a way that gives him a feeling of success and removes the fear of failure. It provides young children with a positive first drawing experience through a story that will capture their hearts and minds.

Let’s Draw Clouds is an activity book structured according to the developmental stages of drawing, allowing the child to progress from one success to another in a gradual manner:  scribbles; horizontal and vertical lines; complex lines; various circles; combinations of lines and circles. The story and complete illustration on the left-hand side provide an example and inspiration for the children, while the illustration on the right contains various missing elements that the children have to add.

In this activity book your children will also find coloring pages perfectly suitable for their attention span (small coloring segments), and their capabilities (thick borders to create a more successful outcome).


The Let’s Draw Clouds activity book represents the essence of my success, experience, and knowledge as an occupational therapist, and it is designed for you-parents, therapists, and educators-as a tool for encouraging and developing drawing and coloring skills in children in a professional, experiential, and fun way.


Intended for:

Children ages 3-4

Children ages 4 and up who have difficulty drawing or refrain from it

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