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Lenny the Line King

Writing in general, and the writing of numbers in particular, is an important and complex skill that is required for first grade and for daily functioning in school.

Lenny the Line King is a unique and innovative activity book intended for use by parents, therapists and educators as a tool for teaching children how to write numbers in a proficient, experiential and fun way through a delightful illustrated story that will capture children’s hearts.

The book’s hero is “Lenny the Line King”, who teaches children how to write numbers using the following three steps:

1. Deconstruction of the numbers into the basic lines that make them up and the naming of these lines (Standing Line, Nocturnal Diagonal, Smiley Liney, etc.)

2. Study and practice of the basic lines in increasing levels of difficulty in a manner that gives children a sense of competence and allows them to experience success.

3. Writing of the numbers using the basic lines that have been taught and practiced, with a focus on the starting point and the correct direction of writing.


The “Lenny the Line King” activity book was born out of my many meetings with children and represents the essence of my success, knowledge and experience as an occupational therapist in the last 14 yeasrs.

This book is intended for children of the following three age groups:  

  • Kindergarten, as preparation for first grade.

  • Second grade and beyond for those who have difficulty writing numbers.

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